Year-Round Preschool: seek and find hidden pictures activity book for kids ages 3-5 (preschoolers, toddlers)

Do you want to help your kids to develop their memory and concentration along with creativity and imagination? The seek and find activity book allows you to do it, together with introducing tons of interesting and useful information via pictures to your kids! Your child/children will get to know what preschool is all about. The kids will learn about holidays and the seasons of the year, weather, and different kinds of special kindergarten activities. Follow your favorite characters and tell a story about their day; Find hidden animal friends; Help to find lost things; Do the activities designed for holidays and other special days; And many more! This hidden picture activity book for toddlers and preschoolers will take the attention of your child/children for a long time, and will be especially suitable for traveling, road trips, or flights. So, press the BUY NOW button and get the book, find a comfortable chair, and let your child’s imagination lead the way to learn with exploration, story-telling, and fun!

Meet Brian Smart

I am a Jacksonville, FL-based illustrator and author of children’s books. I have been drawing since I was 5 years old. Growing up I wrote and illustrated my books for family and friends. After becoming a commercial artist, my art has appeared in magazines, book covers, billboards, and posters. But my first love has always been writing and illustrating books for kids. My artwork is funny and imaginative, and at the same time bright and full of color. I am inspired by old memories from childhood, along with new experiences with my two young children. My passion is to create an imaginary world full of different funny details, that children could explore again and again, each time finding something new and creating new stories!