Baby Announcement Ideas and Gender Reveals: 200 Creative Ways to Share Your Great News

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Every baby needs to be celebrated, so announcing your pregnancy to your loved ones and friends should be a memorable moment. This book contains 200 creative ways to announce your pregnancy to the father, your other children (if you have others), friends, and loved ones. There is also a section dedicated just for gender reveal parties, as well as some motherly advice from a mom of 4 kids as you embark on this exciting journey. The fun book also contains a list of the most popular baby names and some helpful product ideas to get your pregnancy off to a great start, such as books, pregnancy pillows, exercise DVDs for pregnant moms, even pregnancy tests in case you’re not sure. When you’re expecting a baby you have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to! With a new infant in your life, you’re going to be a family. Whether you’re adopting or having a baby the old-fashioned way, Congratulations!

Meet Trina Boice

Dr. Trina Boice grew up in California and currently lives in Las Vegas. In 2004, she was honored as the California Young Mother of the Year, an award which completely amuses her 4 sons. She’s a #1 Amazon best-selling author of 31books with another one hitting store shelves soon! You can see them all at You can listen to her daily podcasts on the Volley app on your iPhone or on Spotify, Alexa, and Anchor. It’s called “Daily Inspirational Quotes with Trina Boice”. She is a movie critic at and offers online courses for professional & personal success at Lifelong Learning Education. She helps writers as an author coach to turn their books into a thriving business at and shares travel hacks at Empty Nest Travel Hacker Trina has a doctoral degree in Management at CTU and teaches class at Brigham Young University. Her master’s degrees are in Healthcare Administration and Community Wellness Promotion. Trina earned two Bachelor’s degrees from BYU where she competed on the Speech and Debate team and the Ballroom Dance Team. She was President of the National Honor Society Phi Eta Sigma and served as ASBYU Secretary of Student Community Services. Trina also studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain and later returned there to serve an LDS mission in Madrid for 1 1/2 years. She has a Real Estate license, Travel Agent license, 2 Master’s degrees, and a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, although she’s the first one to admit she’d pass out from fright if she were ever really attacked by a bad guy. She is a doctoral candidate in Management with a concentration in Adult Education Leadership. She is passionate about learning! She worked as a Legislative Assistant for a Congressman in Washington D.C., and was given the “Points of Light” Award and Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her domestic and international community service. She currently teaches at Brigham Young University and is the Entertainment News Editor for Trina was selected by KPBS in San Diego to be a political correspondent during the last election. If she told you what she really did for a living she’d have to kill you.