Pathways To Paradise: 10 Strategic Principles for Building Success

| April 5, 2014


Pathways To Paradise: 10 Strategic Principles for Building Success and Personal Development


For those who haven’t defined their life’s purpose, just making it through every day can be a struggle—perhaps the challenge at hand is an unstimulating job, or money issues, or a fear of failure. Or maybe it’s a combination of the three, and more beyond that!

The good news is that you don’t have to accept your life as it is now—it’s possible to break free of bad habits that hold you back and to find both personal and professional fulfillment. “Pathways to Paradise” gives you the guidance and resources you need to not only define your passions and build a foundation for success, but also to:

• Cultivate self-discipline in your daily life and find richness from relationships, not possessions;

• Set concrete, measurable goals that directly correlate to increased levels of achievement;

• Understand that failure isn’t always a bad thing;

• Find a supportive role model as a source of wisdom and motivation;

• Tap into the power of the universe to draw positive energy and results;

• And more!

“Pathways to Paradise” includes practical, conversational advice for body, mind, and soul and helps you change for the better from the inside out. Inspiring quotes, exercises, and a blend of philosophical principles and straight-forward guidance characterize the chapters, which can be read and applied in any order. If you’re ready to make a change and start the journey to fulfilling your soul’s true purpose, the roadmap in this book will help you scale the heights of success!


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