A Game Of Thrones-50 Interactive Trivia Questions

| April 5, 2014


A Game Of Thrones-50 Interactive Trivia Questions From A Game Of Thrones will test your knowledge to the max! This A Game Of Thrones game is based on the first book of the very popular saga, A Song of Ice and Fire, by best-selling author, George R.R. Martin. Unlike many other trivia books based on popular novels, A Game Of Thrones ebook, is also interactive which means you will receive helpful feedback if you answer the trivia questions incorrectly. Where applicable incorrect choices do not end with a simply response of “incorrect”, but rather more information is given as to how this incorrect choice fits into the story line for A Game Of Thrones. Please note that all trivia questions and answers are from the book series, not the television series based on these books. The televisions series Game Of Thrones does follow the novel very closely.

Due to potential copyright infringement issues, no images from the HBO television series Game Of Thrones were included in the trivia book. There is a link at the end of this A Game Of Thrones triva ebook to a Youtube video featuring a Season 1 HBO preview for those interested in the television series and may wish to put images to the book’s characters, places and events.

A Game Of Thrones ebook is divided into four sections, each of which focuses on different aspects of the book along with 4 possible answers. They are as follows:
A Game Of Thrones Characters- For example- Who was the knight known as the “Kingslayer” and also the heir to Casterly Rock?
Ser Waymar Royce
Ser Ilyn Payne
Ser Barristan Selmy
Ser Jamie Lannister

A Game Of Thrones Places- For example- What is the name of the place where the Stark family made their home?
King’s Landing

A Game Of Thrones Events- For example- Why did Lord Eddard Stark leave Winterfell?
King Robert needed a personal bodyguard.
King Robert needed Ned to attend his wedding as his best-man.
King Robert wanted him to be his new “Hand of the King.
King Robert sent Ned on a secret mission to kill Princess Daenerys

A Game Of Thrones More Trivia- For example- What is the name of Arya Stark’s sword?

With the much anticipated release of the HBO television series- Game Of Thrones- Season 4 in April 2014, based on George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire saga novels, fans of this popular television series and lovers of these exciting books will find A Game Of Thrones-50 Interactive Trivia Questions From A Game Of Thrones both fun and challenging.

Coming soon- Book 2- A Clash Of Kings trivia ebook.

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