WISH ONE (Season One: Episodes 1 – 8)

| April 5, 2014


WISH ONE (Season One: Episodes 1 - 8)


Sophie will do anything to get her dead daughter back. After losing her husband and child in a tragic accident, she spends her evenings alone with her grief and a bottle of Stoli. Then one day, a stranger makes a startling offer – all she has to do is make a wish.

Sometimes even the most ordinary people will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. A duplicitous drug-dealer, an aspiring actress, a deaf tech geek, a wheelchair-bound genius, a serial killer, a mutant angel, and a small child who holds the key to everything – their worlds collide when they meet a man who seems harmless. But when he offers to grant you one wish… be careful.

In a world where a select few will get exactly what they wish for, remarkable and sinister things can happen. This chilling paranormal thriller will confound you at every turn.

Formerly the “Shudderville” series, now compiled in two Volumes, Wish One and Wish Two.


“It literally sent chills up my spine.” Dana Micheli, reviewer

“It’s better than most of the television series out there today, and fast-paced, full of surprises.” Tyler Tichelaar, author of “King Arthur’s Children” and “The Gothic Wanderer”

“THIS, people, is how short fiction is done. No idea where this author came from, but she’s going places. One to watch for sure.“ Candy Beauchamp, “CandysRaves” Amazon “Top 1000 Reviewer”

“If you would like to read of magic, wish fulfillment, and human tragedies, with a taste of quantum mechanical theory, I heartily recommend this series.” Ronald W Maron, Top Amazon Reviewer

“Totally took me by surprise how good this was.“ Candy Beauchamp, “CandysRaves” Amazon “Top 1000 Reviewer”


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