Zero Two Infinity | The Principles of Blissfulness

“What is everything and what is the truth of it all?”. There are answers to these questions in history scriptures, but they are not easy to understand. Thus are widely misunderstood across the world. The journey is long and the mind wants quick solutions to the present problems. Thus one settles for the answer “it is what it is” and moves on to the question of “How to live a happy life?” But every now and then something or the other makes the mind loop back to the original unanswered questions. The longing to reach back to the roots stays This is a universal feeling which arise in the form of self-questioning statements like : “My family respects me, but sometimes I feel it’s money and not me.” “I succeeded and they loved me. Now that I am failing, they are supportive but the love seems to be less. Is it not about me?” “I loved her with all I had. Now it feels like I cannot trust even myself. What is the point of living when the ones you love are going to leave?” “Sometimes I feel like I succeeded as a parent. But my son saying “you will never get it”, shatters it all. I wonder what’s the point of it all?” “People doing horrible things are happier than me who are doing everything right. Is that practicality? Should I stop caring for others?” “I always believed that my dad would understand and support me no matter what. But he said it’s her or us. Is that the meaning of a family?” “Sometimes they behave in a way I never imagined. Is knowing anyone a waste? Is there always a mask behind the mask?” “I have built this empire with my blood and sweat. But does any of it matter, now that my son is dead?” “What is the point of maintaining all this, if I can die tomorrow and it would not change a thing. Is there any real truth in this world?” “I love my job. That’s true. But sometimes I feel like, is that it?” If such questions arise in your mind, chances are that you are still being honest and not avoiding your-self. When someone knows the death of a close one. Whenever the trust is broken. When one understands that he loses everything during this life. The longing for the eternal begins. The journey to why? Begins. When one tries to make sense of the world through his mind, he ends up making its own realities. And realities are deceiving. One person’s reality could be another’s fantasy. One can surely relate to someone else’s reality but can never live it. Thus one feels hopeless, and tries to forget these feelings because this is how the world seems to be everywhere. And this hopelessness creates the kind of distressed environment that humanity is facing. People accept the untrue realities as their fate. But the wondering comes back whenever one is still. In the end, everyone seeks the roots of it all. The book is a short guide to knowing the way it all works.

Meet Shubham Rathi

I am an Architect and an Urban Planner in India. But i wrote this after a decade long journey of why? My work would be honored if read by you. Regards Shubham