Possessing the Grimstone

| April 5, 2014


Possessing the Grimstone

A mage finds his magic, a leader finds her strength, a hero finds his courage.

A storm is coming. The sky darkens. Wind howls. Thunder rocks the land. The world of Athora is in grave danger.

An unknown enemy rises in the uncharted lands of the east, emerging from the mists of the Fifling sea. Armed with a powerful magical artifact thought lost over a thousand years ago, they’re destroying everything in their path. Yet hope remains, for this unstoppable evil only possesses one piece of this weapon, the Grimstone. Should they discover the remaining pieces, the world will fall.

All the people of Athora unite to stand against this strange power and the nightmarish army that wields it. Pim of the Wivering race and the human warrior Tolan begin a quest to stop the unthinkable by uncovering the location of the last two pieces of the stone before the forces of darkness get to them first. The two allies and their companions race against time, meeting friends and foe alike in an epic adventure of trust, betrayal, magic and danger.

Will they find the stone before their world is laid to waste or will the very item they seek be their undoing?


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