Snapshots of Ireland Volume 4 Travels in Galway

The second largest county in Ireland, Galway is known for its magnificent bay, one of the most enchanting and vibrant medieval cities in Europe, and the storied Aran Islands. Scrumptious sea and mountain panoramas, dotted with sheep, rows of peat and Connemara ponies contribute to making Galway a primary destination along the Wild Atlantic Way.

The interior of the county is equally spectacular. The renowned Connemara National Park, The Twelve Bens, and Lough Corrib only begin the list of places, sites and sights that make this an Irish county second to none.

A good share of the county is in the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking area) where tradition is highly valued and Celtic spirit prevails.
Festival and special events abound. Some, like the Galway Oyster Festival, the Omey Pony Races, or the Red-sail Hooker Races are unique. If you a traveling to Galway, check the schedule to partake (or avoid) what is on offer each weekend.

Meet Jeanne Crane

Sharing Celtic Spirituality and Celtic Wisdom through writing blogs and books what I love to do. I also enjoy sharing Celtic teachings through speaking engagements including festivals and book clubs.
My first trip to Ireland was as a teenager. I immediately felt a deep connection to my Celtic roots. But it was on a much later trip that I was introduced to the ancient sites, the dolmens, stone circles and beehive structures that have captivated me. These thin places stir me beyond any cathedral, temple or sacred site I have ever visited. Each trip I take to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall or the Isle of Mann deeps my connection to the mystery and wonder of our amazing Universe.