Danger Level 4: A Kori Briggs Adventure

Beauty. Thrills. Danger. It must be Kori Briggs!

In this third book of the A.P. Rawls series of Kori Briggs suspense spy thrillers, Kori has landed in the middle of a South American revolution. Super-secret spy organization Rampart has intelligence that a dictator with weapons of mass destruction is about to be overthrown. But who are the revolutionaries, and are they any less dangerous? The stability of the Western Hemisphere is at stake. Follow Kori through the jungles, hills, and perilous streets of a nation on the brink of war with itself!

There is action, there is romance, there is adventure. And behind it all, there is the incomparable spirit of Kori Briggs.

What Readers Are Saying about Super Spy Kori Briggs:

“Oh you guys are going to LOVE Kori, she is a great main character! Happy reading everyone!” —ThePageLadies

“…An intelligent, attractive woman who thrives on intrigue, suspense, crime and unraveling mysteries.” —Ginger

“A female protagonist that can hold her own.” —Doug Y.

“Such a fun character to follow.” —NetGalley review

“Fierce and deadly.” —Karen Dee

“So excited to see a strong, female secret agent in Kori Briggs. Kori gets the job done through smarts and hard work.” —AlwaysCarryingBooks

“…a ‘badass’ secret agent… Kori Briggs is remarkable” —Andrea

“…feminine, yet deadly.” —DERogue

“Thrillers and action heroes are my thing so it is doubly nice to read about a kick-ass, hard drinking female like Kori Briggs.” Jeanie


Q. What’s special about Kori?
A. There are a lot of great suspense novels and suspense thriller books out there, but a lack, I believe, of really great female spy thrillers. I think the world is ready for a real badass heroine and Kori Briggs fits the bill. She can do it all. And is a fun character to boot.

Q. This is your third Kori Briggs book. What has surprised you so far about the reception?
A. I assumed the idea of a badass female agent would appeal mostly to female readers. Not so! I think the majority of my readership is now male. Which just goes to show that there is universal appeal for strong female protagonists. This was a very pleasant surprise. Everybody loves Kori. I’ve heard from so many people who have had such wonderful things to say about the series and I’m very, very grateful.

Q. How do you develop your plots?
A. I want the stories to be relevant. Writing a female thriller novel, or any suspense novel, asks the reader, at times, to suspend a little disbelief here and there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a realistic story line. I want my stories to be reflective of the world we live in. The dangers Kori faces are real-world dangers. The Kori Briggs series consists of political thrillers and crime thrillers, and they need to be genuine. One reviewer of “The Dark Tetrad” said the story could just as easily appear on tomorrow’s front page. That was gratifying. That’s what I’m going for. I think readers will find the same thing with “Danger Level 4.”

Q. Are there plans to continue the series?
A. You bet! The next installment, “The Prince is Missing!” is being finished up even now. Readers can sign up for updates at koribriggs.com.

Meet A.P. Rawls

A.P. Rawls is an award-winning ghostwriter who has authored over forty books for a wide-ranging clientele of some of the most fascinating people on earth. Semi-retired from ghostwriting, Rawls is now focused on the Kori Briggs series of suspense spy novels.