The Changeling Tree

A missing girl. A Faerie game. An abandoned baby. Tracy has been missing for months and her mum isn’t answering the door, but Mike refuses to give up on her. When Tracy’s mum disappears too, his last hope is gone, but in the overgrown garden he finds a pram, and in the pram is a baby. Will this be Mike’s happy ever after, or will they come for his daughter too? The Changeling Tree is the first magical instalment in the real-world fantasy series. If you like Faerie games, time-travel and family sagas, you’ll love Frances Evelyn’s intriguing story.

Meet Frances Evelyn

Frances Evelyn lives in Rutland, England’s smallest county, with her husband, two sons who are currently too old for magic and stories, and a cockerpoo who protects them from shadows. She writes witty real-world fiction for readers who like to think and feel.