The Reluctant Messiah (The Prophecies Triptych)

| April 7, 2014


The Reluctant Messiah (The Prophecies Triptych)

Magic! Prophecies! Cultists! Demons! …and Oliver?

Oliver Kirkle had a normal life until prophecies got in the way.

A multitude of cults, each with its own interpretation of the prophecies, think Oliver is their messiah. Unfortunately for Oliver, that’s the only thing they agree about…

The Reluctant Messiah is a darkly comedic tale about a clueless supposed messiah.

˃˃˃ First Book of the Prophecies Triptych Series

After The Reluctant Messiah, the story continues in An Unexpected Apocalypse, and concludes in False Messiah.

˃˃˃ “The Reluctant Messiah is engaging, fun, dark and, at times, hilarious.” –Jayson Stewart – Amazon Reviewer.

˃˃˃ “Reminescent of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, this is a great first book.” –Anikeric – Amazon Reviewer.

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