Would You Rather Game Book: Illustrated Edition For Kids Ages 6-12

Looking for an Interactive Fun book for kids? Are you ready to connect with children in a way that doesn’t involve a device? We all know how hard it is to bring back the old fashion fun of laughing together when so many have their heads in Smartphones. This book offers a wide range of age-appropriate questions to give you a giggle and feel that family togetherness. The book is a fantastic resource to generate conversations with your kids, consider ridiculous and smart ideas, ponder and discuss. Silly illustrations scattered throughout the chapters provide a pop of color in orange and teal and visual fun. What sets this book apart: Lots of laughs — It will certainly make any idle time more fun. Away from screens — Forget about mindless hours of phones and video games. Perfect for road trips — Make any road trip seem half as long. All kinds of questions — Fifteen categories including a fun Write Your Own Questions section. Funny illustrations — Enhances the appeal for all ages. Scroll up and click the “buy Now” button to Put The Book in the hands of your children for instant fun!

Meet Rachel Clifford

Rachel Clifford has been a graphic designer and kindergarten teacher before becoming a mother of two. She loves teaching kids through fun activities because it helps motivate them to use their creativity as well as their thinking skills. She believes that engaging kids in workbooks are an effective way of teaching them the basics such as reading, counting numbers, and identifying the different colors in a fun and easy way. In addition, her works aim to improve logic and patience among young children.