The Blackened Yonder: Planar Lost: Book One (Planar Lost [Standard Edition] 1)

“That day, he dreamt of blood. An ichor which threatened to swallow the world.” As the government strangles magic across the Empire, the dead rise, ravenous and wild. At the center of this simmering conflict are two: one a priest, one a terrorist. Haunting visions and horrifying forces torment Father Latimer and challenge his convictions after a dark power sweeps through his village, leaving hovels and streets empty, save the undead. Meanwhile, Athenne joins a radical faction led by a powerful renegade wielding illegal magic, aimed at toppling the mightiest institution in the world, the Church. Embark on a journey in the land of the Lost. As fates converge, who will prevail? ____________________ If you enjoy dark fantasy, you’ll devour the Planar Lost series. Purchase book one, The Blackened Yonder, now! ____________________ TALES OF THE LOST (*Some of the following titles may be forthcoming.) The Blackened Yonder Planar Lost: Book One The Ember Reach Planar Lost: Book Two The Faceless Man Planar Lost: Book Three The Vile God Planar Lost: Book Four Daughter of Energia A Planar Lost Story ____________________ Follow J. Gibson’s newsletter for future updates on Planar Lost publications and more: ____________________ This is the Standard Edition eBook. For an alternative cover and an additional short story at the end of the book, please check out the Special Edition print!

Meet J. Gibson

J. Gibson, author of the Planar Lost series, is a published researcher in the field of criminal justice. He holds degrees in psychology, criminal justice, and sociology. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and watching. When he has no time to spare, he ends up doing these, anyway. Author site: Follow J. Gibson’s newsletter for future updates on Planar Lost publications and more: Twitter: Goodreads: