Morning Habits For Super Charged Productivity & Morning Habits For Ultimate Success

2 Books In 1 – See How Easy It Is To Create Empowering Habits To Achieve Unstoppable Results And Achieve Ultimate Success! Book 1 – Morning Habits For Super Charged Productivity: Create An Empowering Morning Routine, Take Control Of Each Day For Unstoppable Results In a world that demands more and more, it takes a great amount of motivation to continue to give and be more productive. However, motivation and productivity may not always come so easily, and as a result, you may feel frustrated that you just can’t seem to get beyond yourself and realize your potential. Often, you may start to feel like you are nothing but numbers on the board or statistics on a graph. Do you feel tired or exhausted? Do you sometimes see yourself as being stuck and unable to move forward? Do you get a nagging feeling that you are getting in your own way? Well, you are not alone. Perhaps, you have been looking at things the wrong way? You see, productivity is not a matter of how much your hands can create or how quickly your body can produce the things that are required from you. Contrary to what you may have been thinking, productivity does not start with your hands. It starts with your mind. Being in the right mindset is the key to unlocking your greatest productivity, and all that you need to do to maximize your capacity is to reset your mind and train it to achieve supercharged productivity! So, how do you start? Just as your day does—in the morning, where you can power yourself up with a routine that is guaranteed to help you achieve more with the least amount of brain effort. Interested and ready to go? Then, start on a journey to maximize your productivity through this book. Each page is filled with easily understandable and easily implementable concepts and strategies that you can IMMEDIATELY apply every day so that you can get the results you desire AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Book 2 – Morning Habits For Ultimate Success: Create An Empowering Morning Routine, Proactively Take Charge Of Each Day And Achieve Your Goals Many people aspire to become successful, but what does success really look like? Is it the same for everyone? Does it have a requisite trait or quality that not everyone has? How do you define success? Regardless of how you define it, remember that your view of what success looks like is always valid; and once you know what success looks like for you, it’s time to take steps toward it. So how do you start? Just as every day starts with a brand new morning, you can plant seeds and cultivate success each morning as well! By establishing a morning routine geared toward success. It doesn’t have to be one great production. It doesn’t even have to take too much of your time. And it doesn’t need to be complicated. But what it does need to be is consistent! Interested to learn more? Then, you’re in luck because all the answers you need can be found within the pages of this book. Know that success is not elusive. It’s something that is well within your reach, and you can start building toward it RIGHT NOW! After reading this book, you will be armed and equipped with the knowledge that you need to achieve success. Ready to start? Super Charged Productivity and Ultimate Success are within your reach—just reach out, and take it!!

Meet Luke Thybulle

Luke Thybulle is a bestselling personal development author, writing about and sharing his best tips, habits and resources for self-improvement through science-backed research and personal experience. Diving all in and being dedicated to constantly learning has helped Luke overcome his disempowering beliefs to be become a successful coach and bestselling author. With a direct and to the point approach, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and resources to help as many people as he can achieve success in life; and to show them how they can live with energy, passion and confidence. Luke does use a pen name. It helps him focus on serving his readers through writing, without the distractions of seeking recognition. He values his privacy and doesn’t believe in branding himself as a guru or expert. Instead his focus is to share his knowledge and experiences with his readers.