What Am I Here For?: A Workbook for Those Who Dare to Seek Fulfillment

This book is a perfect find for those who are ready to understand why everything happens the way it does, and how we can permanently fix our dissatisfaction with ourselves and our lives, instead of just repeatedly applying bandaids to our problems. It also enables us to dig deep inside to find the courage, determination, compassion, and faith needed for our success. What am I Here For? is so much more than just a workbook for dealing with personal problems and reaching our full potential. We can actually use this book as a dictionary and a road map for our journey through life—keeping it close by to consult at all the difficult moments of life. It is a dictionary where we will find the definitions of many significant realities in life: free will, truth, love, talent, forgiveness, suffering, childish and mature attitudes, and others—all from a spiritual perspective. And alongside those definitions, we find the mapped out steps toward using this knowledge to our greatest benefit and toward understanding how our choices will play out in the long run. Galina Diana Palace offers us a set of channeled answers, which help us understand why things happen as they do and she provides us with tools for transforming personal limitations into unique strengths and changing false beliefs into beliefs that help us resolve problems and enjoy life to the fullest. And at every step, she shares illuminating real-life stories of people, including herself, whose lives have been transformed by these teachings.

Meet Galina Palace

Galina Palace was born and raised in the Soviet Union, where a religious and spiritual life was outlawed. From a very young age, she had premonitions and experienced events she could not explain, but, like most others around her, she treated them as coincidences rather than moments of insight. She went on to earn an M.S. in Computer Science and for many years worked as a programmer. In 1990, having immigrated to the United States, she continued in the same line of work. However, within the first two years of her arrival in her new country, her channeling gift finally surfaced and she actively began seeking out others who could work with her to help her develop her abilities. After a time, she was able to clean her channel to the degree that enabled her to communicate with the spiritual world as a psychic and medium. Moreover, she was now able to connect to the subconscious of others and help them understand essential truths about themselves when they were ready and willing to do so. For over 28 years, Galina has been using her psychic gift to help her clients overcome obstacles in their lives and transform their personal limitations into their unique strengths. She holds Reiki Teacher/Master Certification from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington DC and uses different energy healing modalities during her sessions. Now Galina Palace lives in Florida with her husband and their poodle Archie. She has a son and step-daughter, who are also her closest friends. You can contact Galina or learn more about her work at www.GalinaDPalace.com.