Guarding Zuri

Daemon Knight is strong, tough, and uses his special ops experience to provide protection for select clients. When the daughter of a resistance leader is threatened, Daemon and his team are hired to protect the beautiful and willful Zuri, who tempts Daemon to cross a line he swore he’d never cross again. Zuri Msongo fights to atone for her past and prove herself a capable leader. When her father is killed, Zuri is forced to admit she needs a sexy protection specialist who makes her blood heat with both fury and passion. Daemon and Zuri’s battle of wills quickly turns into resisting temptation. As they evade those sent to kill her, Daemon and Zuri work together to keep the resistance alive and face their past guilt. When a coup draws Zuri home, both she and Daemon will have to fight to keep their lives and their love.

Meet Eliza Ellis

Eliza Ellis loves daydreaming about romance. She unashamedly watches the Hallmark Channel for year-round Christmas movies. When she’s not writing, she’s surfing Netflix for the next young adult romance or is curled up reading a good book. Eliza enjoys learning about family history, volunteering and performing acts of service for those in need, and keeping hope alive for her future destination wedding.