Manifestation Prayer Secrets: How to Ask, Embody, and Receive (Heart-Based Manifesting Book 3)

Ready to Step into the Realm of Unlimited Quantum Possibilities? It’s time to fuse yourself with something bigger and activate your cosmic powers to create a life you love, desire, and deserve! Manifestation Prayer Secrets is the third book in the Heart-Based Manifesting series. In this book, bestselling modern spirituality and manifestation author, Elena G. Rivers, invites you to take yet another deep dive into the art of magical, love-based, heartful manifesting! As you keep releasing ego-based limitations such as fear, doubt, resentment, and other negative shackles of your shadow self, you open the gate to a myriad of new possibilities you had no idea you even existed… This is the KEY to joyful and effortless manifesting everyone on this journey so deeply desires! Manifestation Prayer Secrets will help you: -Make you feel guided and well taken care of by the Universe (or whatever Higher Power you believe in); -Restore your connection to something bigger and act in alignment with your authentic desires to manifest what you want; -Release your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs; -Unleash your full potential and have more energy and zest for life. Join Elena as she walks you step-by-step to help unleash your full spiritual potential, soothe your inner state, empower you, and manifest your wildest dreams! Do not let your ego mislead you…Manifestation Prayer is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of inner strength and spiritual maturity. By unlocking the power of heart-based manifesting and embracing manifestation prayer secrets, you will never feel alone on your journey… Why stubbornly force yourself into coming up with limited solutions that may not even work or get on the path of misalignment and disappointment if you can tap into Something Bigger, and co-create with the Divine? All you need to make this material work for you is the willingness to open your heart, acknowledge that the Divine, your angels, the Universe (or whatever you believe in) are there to help you, and be ready to be guided! (Please note: reading past works of this author is not required to understand the message of this book; nor is it required to have any previous knowledge or experience with manifesting; this book covers everything you need to know in simple, conversational, no-judgemental, so typical for Elena “let’s talk over some coffee” style that welcomes all spiritual seekers and ambitious souls!) You, too, can manifest with more joy and ease…just by unleashing the power of your heart and using it as a compass that connects you with the Divine creator inside you. It’s time to acknowledge that your HEART is always right… It’s time to replace fear with faith… It’s time to step into the unknown and joyfully create the results your mind can’t even comprehend yet! Because you can! And you deserve to have an amazing, joyful, and happy experience here on Earth. Manifesting is your birthright, so unleash your full potential! Order your copy of Manifestation Prayer Secrets today and start your heart-based manifesting journey to live your most magical life!

Meet Elena G. Rivers

Elena G. Rivers is a bestselling author with a passion for writing highly uplifting Law of Attraction and spiritual self-help books aimed at helping ambitious souls manifest their dream reality. Elena’s books combine the metaphysical with the practical. Instead of chasing the latest “manifestation method,” Elena focuses on timeless and practical Universal laws and metaphysical principles to help you shift your mindset and energy to find the alignment you deserve. Thanks to embracing your true path and alignment, you can create a new, more empowered version of yourself and mindfully create a life you love. Elena fuses her proven manifestation tools with deep inner work to help you embrace self-love and transform your self-image in a powerful way. After all, you don’t attract what you want; instead, you attract who you are – this is the real LOA work and profound metamorphosis you can experience by reading one of Elena’s books! It’s time to raise your vibration and launch a new, more empowered version of yourself! When not writing, Elena enjoys indulging in self-care, meditating, yoga, reading, traveling, long walks in nature, listening to audiobooks, and inspirational programs, cooking, and eating.