My Fair Queen: Allies of the Fae Realm (Paranormal Misfits Book 6)

It’s not every day an obscure orphan girl becomes a fae queen. Crysta and her companions have found the diadem and stone, but just when it looks like the tide has finally shifted in their favor, Crysta is sucked into Terise’s sleeping curse with no way of escape and nowhere to hide from Titania’s ruthless attacks. And now she is permanently bonded…to the wrong fated mate. Jareth is not only heartbroken at the loss of his fated mate bond, his mating frenzy is in overdrive, preventing him from functioning. He and Kheelan must overcome their differences if they hope to free Crysta, but they are faced with more setbacks as Titania takes faerie captives by the hundreds, building her army and growing her powers. And the diadem, the key to Moridan and Titania’s undoing? Tainted by Titania’s curse. But a cursed relic isn’t the only surprise the wicked queen has in store for Crysta. The battle for control over the minds and hearts of the fae is one Titania intends to win by any means necessary. Can Crysta and Jareth unite the Unseelie and Seelie Courts before Titania and Moridan destroy the Fae Realm? “Sometimes you find the perfect fantasy world and you want to crawl inside of it and live there. Surrounded by magic, mystery, and psychological messes. This is by far one of the most intriguing, breathtakingly haunting worlds I’ve ever come across. I love it!!” – Kallie, Amazon Reviewer

Meet C.J. Anaya

C.J. Anaya is a USA Today bestselling and multi-award-winning author. She also enjoys assisting authors in writing, publishing, and marketing their books with her helpful non-fiction guides on Amazon and her YouTube channel Author Journey. CJ enjoys writing sweet romances under the pen name Cynthia Savage. So be sure to check out those fun books as well. She’s a huge fan of The Mindy Project, Hugh Jackman, and binge eating any and all things chocolate. Who isn’t, right? As a mother of four awesome children, C.J. is usually helping out with homework, fixing dance recital costumes, or delivering her kids to their karate classes so they can learn discipline, respect, and “…kick some serious butt, mom.” She loves writing entertaining reads for everyone to enjoy, and dabbles in singing and songwriting for kicks and giggles. Newsletter Sign-up: