House of Lee Volume03: A Billionaire Romance (House of Lee: Billionaires of Houston Book 3)

2019, the Lee family was very rich in Houston, and Frank Lee’s grandfather had a good relationship with William Smith, Jude Smith’s grandfather at that time, so the two of them set up a marriage contract for Frank Lee and Judy Smith, and they were a match made in heaven. The Lee Family and Smith Family were very satisfied, but the COVID-19 broke out. Soon, both of Frank Lee’s parents died from the Coronavirus, and Frank’s grandfather was also infected with the Coronavirus. After 3 months, Frank’s grandfather also died, and the Lee Family collapsed. William Smith insists on letting Judy Smith complete the marriage contract with him, hoping to use the Smith family’s power to help Frank Lee rise again. However, Frank Lee is a stubborn man, he is not willing to accept charity, and set a three-year contract with Judy Smith.”After three years, I, Frank Lee, will marry you with honor and money!”

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