Revolver: ten strange stories revolving around mysteries

| April 9, 2014


Revolver: ten strange stories revolving around mysteries and paranormal fiction

If you crave mysteries, strange tales of the paranormal or simply, the unexplained…


…then you’ve come to the right place!

REVOLVER: A lazy ride at a childrens playground. And in the end, I’m surrounded by horror.

COME IN NUMBER 6: If Cal can really bully a row boat, can it fight back? And will Cal have time to scream?

NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON’T: Today is Max’s 379th birthday. And I know that I have found the right place. If I can see it.

NIGHT RIDER: However late you may travel, best not to get on a night train with Bradley. But if you do, don’t forget to be polite.

REMEMBERING DAVID: David plans to avoid his date with death. But will it work?

ANNIVERSARY: Steve pleads for help for two badly injured climbers. So why does the sheriff and his deputy let them suffer?

MIRROR IMAGE: How can Zak’s obsession with an oriental mirror lead to a lifetime in a prison cell?

LOST AND FOUND: Maybe it’s another stalker following her through the city streets. Maybe it’s not.

I WISH, I WISH: Irma’s wristwatch brings her any skill she wishes. But for how long?

CRADLE and GRAVE: Henson and Jake find more than they ever bargained for on a rocky beach. Only the ocean can hear the screaming.

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