Growing Up White

| April 9, 2014


Growing Up White

Jacob Stevens, a transplanted southerner who grew up in the Jim Crow South, but now living in the Pennsylvania Laurel Highlands, on his 59th birthday, is invited to attend his 40th high school reunion. Jacob, who married a northerner and adopted three African-American children, realizes that the reunion committee, however, neglected to invite the African-American half of his class. This sparks an avalanche of painful nostalgia as he tries to cope with his own desire to return to the South and attend this reunion. Suddenly, Jacob feels homesick, and guilty for feeling this way—both at the same time. His story is the same as millions of rootless, homeless Americans who grew up in the turbulent last half of the 20th century. Jacob’s final triumph over his past, his realization that love has rewritten his past, as well as changed his future, will encourage all Americans as they move into the 21st Century.

“Clearly Stobaugh knows his material as in his day-to-day life he is a pastor as well as quite a gifted writer.”

—San Francisco Book Review

“Utilizing literary imagery and artful prose, Stobaugh delivers a powerful punch that’ll bring you to tears, make you think, stir up your ire and convict your conscience. Growing Up White will make you weep while changing your worldview and maybe even your life.”

—Jeannie Fulbright, Author & Educator

“The narrative touched me deeply . . . it deals with repulsive issues that most of us have attempted to whitewash. However, much like a rainbow after a cleansing rainstorm, there is a message of hope and of healing that is honest and beautiful. It really is a powerful story.”

—Julie Braswell, Educator

“Stobaugh’s literary metaphors add so much to the central theme that is both powerful and endearing.”

—Alouette Greenidge, Wheaton College Student


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