THE IDEALS OF A NATION. Five hundred and fifty years before the war against Thrakoth, the land of Fiea is in chaos. Years of civil unrest have forced the burgeoning colonies into a state of open rebellion against their overlords in the Avelingian Empire. While the public remains bitterly divided, the Avelingian government initiates a crackdown on the growing desire for civil liberties, culminating in the arrest and impending execution of Amelhir Vilistani. The sudden condemnation of the beloved scientist inflames the growing resistance to Imperial rule. In the city of Olmonin, rebel politicians gather in a secret assembly to keep the growing conflict from spiraling out of control. Yet as the clock ticks down to Amelhir’s doom, the resistance will soon find that the only way to save their people will be to set off a chain of events that lead to the sundering of an empire… and the rise of a new republic.

Meet Eric Mrozek

Eric Mrozek is the author of the Maereath series of novels and an ardent pop culture junkie who currently resides in Michigan. When he is not busy plotting out his next story, he can typically be found in the great outdoors, at a microbrewery, or shouting about whatever catches his fancy on his soulless corporate website: