Spirit of the Mist

Muriel is mistress of the sea and of the water mirror, which shows the truth when the full moon shines. In return, the women of her family must marry only kings or lose their magic forever. Brendan is a prince, destined to be king. One stormy night, Muriel’s powers save his life. Soon they are together in what seems the perfect marriage. When Brendan’s true identity is revealed, his kingship is lost. Exiled from his lands, with Muriel losing her magic, they will have to find some new way to liveā€¦ if they, and their people, are to live at all. NOTE: Battlefield violence. Some brief scenes of sexual content. This book was first published by Dorchester in 2002. It has been given a re-edit by the author, along with a new cover, but is the same story as the original novel.

Meet Janeen O’Kerry

Like many who end up being writers, I’ve worked at many different jobs: riding instructor, horse trainer, computer programmer, and medical transcriptionist. I began my writing career in the early 1980s with articles for several national and regional horse magazines. My friend Hazel wanted to break into writing novels, so together we wrote three: A *Star Trek* novel; a rather spicy romance; and, finally a sweet romance called *April’s Christmas.* April was the one who got us started when Avalon published that book in 1994. After that I sold my own first novel, the historical romance *Lady of Fire,* to Dorchester Publishing in 1995. Today I am a full-time novelist, Kindle ghostwriter, and copy editor, and can often be found doing workshops and panels at writers’ events and conventions.