Wearing Shadows: A devilishly dark horror novella & 9 short stories (Wearing Horror)

None of us can escape the darkness that haunts our souls. We are all pretending. We are all wearing shadows. Wearing Shadows: In this eponymous novella, a troubled actress undergoes the most extreme, occult cosmetic surgery – the amputation of her shadow – with gruesome results. The Man with Sticks and Hooks: A game of cat and mouse unfolds as the diabolical Man with Sticks and Hooks preys on a blind, but equally ruthless businesswoman. The Master Workshop: An apprentice violin maker learns that pain and murder are essential parts of the creative process. Chalk Bodies: A father’s lies lead his son to the scene of a historic betrayal, where a dark shadow patiently waits to claim its revenge. This is the second installment in Simon Paul Woodward’s midnight-dark Wearing Horror collection. If you’re a fan of Stephen King, Joe Hill or Clive Barker, you’ll love these unsettling stories with a twist.

Meet Simon Woodward

Simon Paul Woodward is a horror writer based in London, UK. He’s a member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and the British Fantasy Society (BFS) and has won the BFS short story competition. His novels and short story collections have received plaudits from bestselling authors and his short fiction has appeared in magazines in the UK and USA. You can visit him at www.simonpaulwoodward.com