Finding Love in the Snow: Romance in Milo Creek

Marissa Williams has achieved everything called success except for one thing: getting engaged. With Christmas Eve just around the corner, she believes it’s the perfect time for her boyfriend of many years to propose, even if she has to nudge him a little. Unforeseen circumstances cause her dreams to crumble, leaving her searching for a new path. Jared Sullivan owns a small grocery store in Milo Creek, a quaint little town nestled in the Colorado mountains. The store, founded by his grandfather, takes all his time so that he has no life of his own. His family’s legacy keeps him trapped and fearful of failing to carry on the tradition. Two days before Christmas, their journeys get tangled in a most unusual fashion, and pull them together when neither expects it. But Marissa has a secret that she must hide from Jared. When he finds out, will it turn him against her? Will he wish he’d never met her? This sweet and wholesome Christmas romance is just what you need for chilly days.

Meet C.S. Kjar

C. S. (Carol) Kjar is wife, mother, grandma, friend, and an award-winning author. While her books fall into several genres, they are all wholesome stories about small-town people searching for something they lost. The searches lead to hard decisions they may not wish to make, but difficult choices sometimes lead to better goals. In the end, good always overcomes evil. Writing has always been important to Carol. After being a technical writer/editor for many years, she retired and discovered fiction writing. This opened up new worlds to explore and allowed her imagination the freedom to run rampant. The stories and characters hanging around in her head come to life on the pages. She believes her storytelling ability is a gift from God. She uses His gift to show that integrity is the best course of action, and that love is the greatest gift of all. Her book The Secrets of the Clock was an Awards Finalist in the 2018 National Book Awards, and her short stories have won awards in various competitions, including the West Texas Writers Academy writing contest. She is a member of the Black Hills Writers Group, the Idaho Writers Guild, and the Idaho Editors and Writers Association. The author’s last name is pronounced “care.” She loves that name and hopes that’s what everyone will do. Care about each other.