Asleep Now! My Baby Sleep Recipes: Gentle Sleep Solutions, Baby Sleep Aids, Book for Parents, (English Edition)

Your baby is not sleeping well? Welcome to the club! We always hope that our babies sleep well. However, the reality often looks different. Soon you realize – your little sweetheart doesn’t sleep easily. A few nights pass and you are tired and exhausted. But believe me, there is hope!
I’m a mom and faced the same situation. However, I was very lucky. I knew some experienced mothers and grandmothers who gave me helpful advice and support. I literally absorbed all the tips and tricks and then I started trying and optimizing myself. To make sure that I don’t forget anything, I started writing down my sleep solutions early on.
In the meantime, my notes have become a book. How valuable it would have been if I had had that knowledge from the start! That’s why I would like to share my proven, gentle sleep solutions – my sleep recipes – with all moms and dads with this book! Personally, I also like to call them my sleep spells.

If you’re reading my book, I’m sure that you know some of the sleep solutions already. Common aids are widely used – and not without good reason. However, it is crucial to think of the right help at the right time and to use it gently and effectively.

The following is what I would like to pass on to you:
• A proven reference book that you can access instantly and at any time
• A total of over 35 sleep solutions for various challenges
• Included are sleep solutions that help you when you are tired and exhausted
• Allocations: in which situation is which solution most helpful
• Many tips on how to use sleep solutions effectively and how to combine them
• Question and answer section: Further help and suggested solutions to common sleep challenges
• and all of that without leaving your baby crying

Age group: This book is written for babies. However, many of my sleep recipes are just as suitable for toddlers/children and can help you and your child.

Try out my sleep recipes!
… because more sleep is good for the whole family!

Meet Jessica Ram

I am a writer, mom, very busy and rarely alone.


– have studied management,

– have been traveling a lot

– do project work relating to parenting and children

– am a proud mom and

my passion is writing.

I collect ideas and inspirations for my books from my varied everyday life. I couldn’t imagine a life without writing and I hope to pass on impulses, advice or ideas to my readers.