Too Far to Whisper

In 17th-century New England, a twist of fate delivers two men – enemies of each other – into Rosalind’s life on the same day. Although both men initially intrigue her, one soon turns her blood cold, while the other slowly heats it to a degree she is unable to comprehend or control. The problem is, the proposal of marriage comes from the wrong man…and he refuses to be denied.

Meet Arianna Eastland

Arianna Eastland is a native New Englander whose Abenaki heritage inspired her to research the Native-American culture and history in her area and include it in her romance novels. Her stories take place in the 17th century, so she carefully studied the languages (both English and Abenaki) that were used back then. She did, however, confess to taking a bit of creative liberty and eliminating the “thees” and “thous” spoken in that era because she felt they might be too distracting.