Recipe for Love: Amish Romance

A Clean Amish Summer Romance From Amazon Best Selling Author Ruth Bawell. Bethany Lantz loves her work in her tiny bakery, Heaven’s Delights. Though her days are often long and tiring, nothing pleases her more than seeing the happy smiles on her customers. So when a new bakery opens up just down the road from her own, she is a bit annoyed. Especially considering how she and the bakery’s owner—Joseph Flaud—met. Not only did Joseph have the nerve to sneak around her bakery one day, he also uses modern electric ovens, which Bethany refuses to do. Her wood-fired oven is all she needs. But when it seems that she is beginning to lose some of her customers to Joseph’s bakery, Bethany decides to prove her baking skills once and for all and challenges Joseph to a bake-off at the town festival. But when misfortune falls on Bethany’s bakery, she learns that sometimes love just needs time to prove!

Meet Ruth Bawell

Ruth Bawell is an author of sweet, Christian Amish Romance. I lead a life of simplicity and faith and Amish people say it the best. In these modern times of stress all around , the virtues of a simple life are more and more appealing to many people. I hope and pray that you enjoy my stories as I dream to take you in to a world where we can live happily and with lots of peace and hope I melt your hearts making you dream this kind of living. God Bless. YOUR FREE GIFT AWAITS HERE :