Veins of Ice: A YA Paranormal Urban Fantasy Novella (The Damiano Legacies Book 2)

Max Damiano is a killer… At least, that’s what humans would call him. As part of a shadowy line of demon Hunters, Max lurks in the underworld of New York City, facing off against the demons who stalk their prey under the cover of night. Despite his lack of experience, Max is determined to prove himself and make his family proud. After a new demon terrorizes New York—draining its victims of blood and leaving ice running through their veins—Max sees his chance. Thrown headfirst into a deadly race against time, he must track down the elusive creature and end its reign of terror. But none of Max’s family have ever fought a demon like this before. As they struggle to untangle the mystery surrounding the demon, it soon becomes clear that this is far from an ordinary job – and Max will need to use all of his arcane talents if he wants to escape this hunt alive.

Meet Krysten Harlow

Krysten Harlow is a food enthusiast who spends her free time researching diets and wonderful recipes to prepare for her family. She is on a mission to prove to the world that health and indulgence aren’t separate entities, and that it is possible to prepare wholesome delicious food in a short window of time. During the challenging year of 2020, she decided to make a bold step into the world of fantasy, which has always remained close to her heart. A new urban fantasy series and epic fantasy series are currently in the works. You can follow Krysten here: Amazon: Goodreads: Bookbub: For a free reader magnet, please click here: The Chronicles of Lethia Series: Visions of Darkness Series: Wellness Series: The Chronicles of Lethia Book 0: Zero Book 1: The Exiled Book 2: The Hunt Book 3: The Enthrallment Visions of Darkness Trilogy Book 0: Grimoire Book 1: Smoke and Mirrors Book 2: The Red King Book 3: City of the Forsaken The Damiano Legacies Book 1: Secrets of the Under Market Book 2: Veins of Ice Book 3: Harbinger Note: ‘The Damiano Legacies takes place’ just before the ‘Visions of Darkness Trilogy’ in a shared world. Some characters and events crossover. Each series can be read independently of the other. Book 0s are free prequel novellas.