| April 12, 2014



The Blur attack at India Gate, Trafalgar Square, and a shopping mall in the USA mystified police and spy agencies equally. No blast, no destruction, or rubble from the falling building, only the ground around monuments littered with corpses.

What happened?

A brave and imaginative Kirin Hopkins, a CIA Agent, came face to face with the terrorist plots that take her across three continents to face the spiraling conspiracy of the wicked world. Across the deserts of Libya, she pulls Ruben, a war journalist and her friend from Berkeley University in California, into her Humvee.

A brilliant, young scientist, Nikhil Chowdhary, a close friend of both Kirin and Ruben, discovers a deadly weapon.

This techno-thriller offers an exciting, chilling tale. The spy fiction spans over three continents – USA, Middle East, and India. The scheme binds friends and foes in a web of conspiracy. When the mystery begins to unravel, Kirin finds herself struggling between her loyalty and her duties.

The explosive thriller includes terrorist plots, media involvement, political races, government exploitation, Mafia manipulation of illegal weapon and flesh trade, treacherous and corrupt Indian politicians, deception, all topped with spy agencies from the US, Pakistan, and India.

The unique thing about the novel is that social, traditional, and cultural beliefs are all within the plot with criticism of political hegemony, Swiss bank accounts, corruption, and misuse of power.

With the unexpected twists and turns, this overwhelming novel spins from the Governor’s mansion of Chicago, the active center of the Mafia, to the race for the White House, the sovereignty of the US throne.

The Clan of Wolf Head from the prologue throws additional mystery in the theatre of world altar. It will boggle reader’s minds and keep them guessing until the end that culminates into a shockwave.

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