The Jesus Cure (Religious & Inspirational Fiction)

| April 13, 2014


The Jesus Cure (Religious & Inspirational Contemporary Fiction)

Is the human race ready for a change in its approach to the different and extra-ordinary?

New insight into the character of Jesus Christ, and into the human psyche and soul.

Tony was once a successful graphic designer, but since his wife left him, accusing him of emotional emptiness, he can’t seem to stay out of the local pub. Finally his secretary calls a halt, handing him a ticket to the Holy Land to meet with the controversial psychiatrist Dr Robin Doll ”” a man dedicated to analyzing the tormented soul of Jesus from Nazareth.

The two men begin a ‘psychotherapeutic journey’, following the milestones of Jesus’ life ”” joined by Miri, guide and expert on ancient times.

Gradually, Tony realizes the depth of his pain, while at the same time facing the possibility of Christ’s mental instability. Gaining valuable insights from the icon’s life story, Tony slowly reunites his soul, piece by piece. But is it enough to cure him? Can his individual path convince his therapist? And will he manage to win the heart of the lovely Miri?

With a brave, down-to-earth look at one of history’s most influential characters, The Jesus Cure sets up a convincing psychological interpretation of Jesus’ super-human abilities in the fields of human compassion and spiritual healing. It follows the graceful yet hard-hitting landmark writings of Irvin Yalom and Oliver Sacks, offering its readers new insight into the character of Jesus Christ, and into the human psyche and soul.

Tony Lamb.

Thirty-something. Narcissistic. Good for nothing?

Jesus Christ.

Super-human. Gifted teacher. Bi-polar?

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