Wanton Times

| April 14, 2014


Wanton Times

Wanton Times is a fast-paced auto-biographical novel about a fresh graduate who moves to London on a whim after a sudden split from his girlfriend. Revealing his intimate confessions and musings with an inner-voice that will delight and embarrass his readers, Mitch embodies the values and unlikable traits that men work so hard to hide… yet never quite want to overcome.


Extended Description

This is a tale of a modern everyman, doggedly refusing to grow up and thinking of no one but himself. A raucous romp in a minefield of wicked women, secret societies, and confused life lessons, written by one downright articulate character, Mitch, who reveals all, including his own moral laxity. With a shallow, yet superior, view of himself and those around him, Mitch embodies the values and unlikable traits that men work so hard to hide yet never quite want to overcome.

Follow Mitch from his cancelled wedding to his ultimate destination, which comes at the end of a wild ride, over the willing and demanding landscape of faux women, old women, innocent women, and fawning females, as he tries to penetrate the parallel worlds of corporate Britain and its sometimes morally bankrupt society.

Will he be successful in his jobs, triumph over his testosterone-laden lifestyle, or learn his lessons? Those are the major questions and obsessions Mitch faces and for which he seems to be ill-equipped to handle. This autobiographical real-life comedy verges on absurdist satire, giving an insight on today’s generation of young city men and how they perceive themselves and the world around them. Mitch moves to London on a whim and enters the job market in the lower rungs of an international corporation, as an underpaid worker presents a grim environment, which he hopes is just temporary. With little to lose and everything to gain in a city where no one knows him, Mitch feels free to act recklessly with little consideration for the consequences of his actions. In one unforgettable scene, a woman who changed her name, following her sex change, a toilet that can’t be used, a plastic bag with a “snake” left on the table, along with a love note, and an apartment door that locks automatically. This story, along with all the others in this work is based around Mitch’s dependable knack for getting himself into weird situations with extreme characters.

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