The Rain Began To Fall

| April 14, 2014


The Rain Began To Fall

Leigh Thompson, the exceptionally beautiful daughter of Cheryl and the late tobacco magnate Austin Thompson, is on a solid life course, her extravagant wedding to rising Charlotte attorney and childhood friend Gene Sykes only three months away.

In her capacity as the Human Resources Manager at Falstead Inc., a large electronics parts manufacturer in the Queen City, Leigh regularly takes new employees through the orientation process, a fine tuned procedure she has established that informs and prepares everyone; no surprises, no deviation. None, that is, until the day Kyle Tilston walks through her door.

“The Rain Began To Fall” is a story about a wealthy girl on a planned life course, and a hot rod racing wild card named Kyle Tilston, who challenges her heart and mind and demands that she be true to herself.


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