The one who said he loved her turned out to be a monster and made Antonia a creature of darkness. Now he seeks her, but he is not the only one. Antonia is a dingir, but few people call her that. Mankind has invented many names for those shrouded creatures of popular folklore: revenants, vampires, zombies, and many others. Fantasies she discovered to be real when she was still a girl, in love with an Arab mercenary with eyes as dark as death. She could not have imagined that he would take her life, condemning her to night and thirst. For centuries, all had seemed lost, suffused with pain and guilt. Until the extraordinary event that would change her future. A future that will have the blood and heart of a young man whose fate is written in his genetic code.

Meet F. Petroni

Francesca Petroni published her first book in 2016 with a mid-press traditional publisher. Since then, she has self-published over ten novels and numerous novellas, including romances, and historical and fantasy books. She won an important literary tournament in Italy in 2018 and since then he never stopped writing. Francesca got a Master’s Degree in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Roma Tre University. Her first english novel Bloods is now available on