New York: Allie’s War, Early Years

| April 15, 2014


New York: Allie's War, Early Years

Allie Taylor’s life was relatively normal…

Then Revik showed up.

And she found out she was supposed to destroy the world.

NEW YORK: Allie’s War, Early Years
“I never liked New York all that much…”

Allie calls it her New York jinx. Already on this trip, obnoxious band groupies hang all over her boyfriend, a stalker leaves her cryptic and creepy notes, and she nearly gets arrested watching a Seer get tasered by cops who act like not-cops. One of them, a tall, black-haired guy with strangely colorless eyes, keeps showing up everywhere Allie goes.

But when a religious cult targets Allie for an end of the world ritual, her visit goes from annoying to quite probably fatal.

A prequel novel in the Allie’s War series, an alternate history romance featuring a gritty, unique and modern day Earth with star-crossed telekinetic lovers, Allie Taylor and Dehgoies Revik.

Summary of Allie’s War Series
An urban fantasy new adult romance set in a unique, gritty version of Earth populated by a second race of psychic beings called Seers, the Allie’s War series centers on the relationship of a strong female protagonist, Allie Taylor, and her antihero guide, Dehgoies Revik.

The series takes place in a modern version of our world just prior to the apocalypse and a dystopian future, and spans centuries along with the lives of its main characters, the Seers, and the wars they fight with themselves and their human allies and enemies, (appropriate for ages 17 and up – steamy sex scenes in parts!).

More books in the Allie’s War series by JC Andrijeski ~
**Rook: Allie’s War, Book One – Allie Taylor, San Francisco artist and waitress, finds out she’s not human in a time and a place where it’s incredibly dangerous not to be.
**Shield: Allie’s War, Book Two – Allie is still adjusting to her new world, when a telekinetic seer appears and seems to be targeting her.
**Sword: Allie’s War, Book Three – Allie’s newest enemy might be her own husband, as he decides to take on the humans and free the seers once and for all.
**Shadow: Allie’s War, Book Four – A new power is rising in the human and seer worlds, and it turns out, they may have shaped history for Allie and everyone she loves.
**Knight: Allie’s War, Book Five – Allie and Revik regroup in New York City, when a human-killing virus hits in San Francisco, putting everyone Allie loves in danger.
**War: Allie’s War, Book Six – Allie and Revik find themselves in the middle of the Displacement, in a locked down city and with one of their best friends now a sworn enemy.
**Bridge: Allie’s War, Book Seven – Left alone to fight on alone, Revik finds himself leading the remnants of his seer army in an all-out war against Shadow.

See also, the Prequel Novels ~
**New York: Allie’s War, Early Years – a prequel novella where Allie has an unexpected meeting with Revik in New York, when she’s still with Jaden
**Revik: Allie’s War, Early Years – a prequel novel about Revik in Vietnam during 1974
**Terian: Allie’s War, Early Years – a prequel novel about the sociopathic villain, Terian, and how he reacts to Revik leaving the Rooks.


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