I BELIZE YOU CAN COOKBOOK: Belizean food recipes including Creole bread, Mayan Pibil and Garifuna hudut

Have you ever wondered where you could find a good recipe for delicious Belizean food? Have you ever craved some panades, rice and beans, or tamales; even though you are thousands of miles away from the nearest Belizean restaurant? Are you a Belizean by birth, Belizean by association or simply curious about the food and culture of this exotic tropical paradise? Then I believe you can cook with this Caribbean cookbook. This Belize cookbook has great Belizean recipes for your cooking and eating pleasure. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is a jewel of the Caribbean in the heart of Central America. One of the great things about our country is that Belize is a melting pot of food and culture. Belize is located on the east coast mainland of Central America east of Guatemala and north of Honduras. Belize is a few hours drive south of Cancun, Mexico. Tacos, burritos and tamales can be found and enjoyed everywhere in Belize. The 50 Belizean recipes in this cookbook are basic enough for a beginner or a guerrilla gourmet. Wherever you are in the world, here is the solution for your craving of authentic Belizean food. Enjoy fry jacks or johnny cakes for breakfast. Have some rice and beans and Belizean stew chicken for lunch. Belizean meat pies, panades and tamales can fill your cravings tonight for dinner. You may even consider having some Pibil… the famous “underground pork” of the Yucatan Maya Indians. Feed your weakness for Belizean sweetness as you imagine yourself on a Belizean “dessert” island. Mouth- watering bread pudding, cassava cake, tablata and cold cake await in the pages of this Belize cookbook. After a full day of exploring the offshore island cayes and the underground caves of Cayo; you may wish to lift your late night libido. Dive headfirst into some savory “strong-back” Belizean conch soup. You just dove up the conch fresh off Belize’s offshore barrier reef. Your lobster burrito or fried fish would be even tastier if you just caught it with your own hands. This is entirely possible if you join the thousands of visitors who come from all over the world to dive the world famous Belize Blue hole. Congratulations, you have now discovered a great guide to delicious Belizean food, culture and cuisine. I Belize you can now cook up a storm with this Belize cook book. Do you believe it?? Great!! Then buy this book and let’s get cooking.

Meet Gregory Arana

“If you hear a voice within you say do not paint…then by all means, paint; and that voice will be silenced…” Vincent Van Gogh I have always loved writing and it started with pleasant poems to pretty girls in elementary school. I am now Dr. Gregory Arana and I heard a small voice say “do not write” . I decided to write again and that voice was silenced forever in a matter of minutes. I was born in the small town of Punta Gorda, Belize. I emerged to the world from this nexus of The Caribbean and Central America. I must admit that I am a little mixed up.. for mixes are our Belizean specialty. You should try our coconut rum and pineapple juice mix…the legendary “panty ripper” cocktail. My first book is a Belizean cookbook. My next will be a Caribbean soup cookbook. I am almost finished with a couple books on natural anti-inflammatory healing plants and the business of medicine. This writing bug is difficult to exterminate once it infects my psyche. I love to play with the words that bug me. Someone clever once wrote “I refuse to engage in a battle of wit with someone who is unarmed.” I use my words to disarm, charm and sometimes; to raise an alarm. I write because I enjoy bringing a smile to the reader. It makes me happy, happy,happy.