The Thriving Empath: A Survival Guide For Empaths To Becoming A Super Attractor, Discovering Inner Gifted Psychic Abilities, Set Boundaries With A Narcissist, And Reduce Anxiety

Discover the Secrets of the Thriving Empath! Do you want to know how to survive and thrive as an empath? Do you want to set boundaries with a narcissist and reduce anxiety? Do you want to discover your inner gifted psychic abilities? Absolutely! And this book will show you how. Are you an empath? If so, you know it can be a struggle to survive in this world. You’re constantly bombarded with other people’s emotions and energies, and it can be difficult to protect yourself from energy vampires. You might even feel like you’re going crazy sometimes! It’s tough being an empath, but there is hope. The problem is that most empaths don’t know how to care for themselves properly. They try to fit into a world that doesn’t understand them and end up feeling lost, alone and exhausted. If this sounds familiar, then you need “The Thriving Empath”. “The Thriving Empath” is the perfect guide for empaths who want to learn how to take care of themselves without absorbing other people’s emotions and energies. With step-by-step instructions on becoming a super attractor, setting boundaries with a narcissist, and reducing anxiety, this book will help you take control of your life and finally thrive as an empath! In “The Thriving Empath”, You will learn about: Empath 101- what it means to be an empath and the different types of empathy Discovering your inner gifted psychic abilities Setting emotional boundaries with a narcissist- why it’s important and how to do it Tips for reducing anxiety as an empath and improving your self-healing, love, and care How to take care of your energy channels by doing guided meditations and spiritual work Why diet, exercise, sleep, and relationships are important aspects of caring for yourself as an empath EXTRA: Free access to an exclusive workbook for Self-Reflection EXTRA: 59 Powerful affirmations for Manifesting Empathy And so much more! “The Thriving Empath” is the perfect book for anyone who wants to learn how to take control of their life and thrive as an empath. With valuable information and expert advice, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to survive and thrive as an empath. Scroll up, click “Buy Now with 1-Click”, and start thriving today! —————————————————————————— Check the following link for all the Freebies included with the purchase of the book: Extras Included: – Free PDF Book “22+ Proven Meditation Techniques” for download! – Free PDF Workbook for self-reflection included! – ..and many more freebies included!

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