Mail Order Bride: The Bride’s Unexpected Baby

From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson..comes this wonderful Winter Mail Order Bride and Babies Story… Amanda is excited to begin her new life in the West as a mail-order bride. Her husband-to-be, Dr Steven James, seems kind enough in his letters, and Amanda looks forward to working alongside him as his nurse. Though her journey to meet Dr James is a long one, she comforts herself with the dreams of her new life and husband. So when she learns her plans now include an unexpected baby, Amanda is not quite sure how to feel. Dr James has been left caring for his late sister’s child, and he is pleased Amanda is here now to help him out. The only problem is, that Amanda did not come west to be a mother—she had hoped to work as a nurse, not a nursemaid. As much as Amanda wants to feel happy and loved in her new home, she is devastated that her dream will not come true. But with trust in love, life has a way of bringing us our dreams in ways we never expected.

Meet Faith Johnson

I love writing beautiful Clean Christian Romantic fiction that Celebrates God, Strong Women who find their Love and Faith. I love being the ‘storyteller’ in the family and so love clean romance. I believe Love and Romance celebrates and honors God and want to create such inspiring stories that can help my readers touch base both with their romantic side as also with their faith in Christ. I love writing generally Christian Western Romances with a Mail Order Bride theme. I strive to create stories and characters who are strong women with great morals and have a adventurous spirit that elevates the life’s of others and keep my readers on their edge as well! Hold on tight, the next adventure is right around the corner! YOUR FREE GIFT AWAITS HERE :