Falling for the Star: A Sweet Romantic Comedy (Fools for Love Romantic Comedy Book 6)

Plans are meant to be trashed. I pride myself on being in command of my life. Maybe it’s become slightly control freak-level, but I prefer predictability. So, when an unfortunate photo surfaces of me with Tad Fisher, the music industry’s favorite bad boy, it screws up my carefully calculated plans. I am not Tad’s girlfriend and the only thing crazier would be pretending that I am. Sometimes, drastic measures have to be taken to restore order. What does Tad get out of all of it? I’m the key to repairing his image. Dating a good girl might help sales of his sappy love songs, but not if he’s dead first for tossing me in the pool. I was still in my sundress, for crying out loud! Okay, in all fairness, I probably deserved it. I have millions of reasons why being with Tad shouldn’t work, but his killer smile and big heart cancel all of them. That mind-blowingly incredible kiss might have something to do with it, too. Sure, we could slip into the friendzone when this is all over, but what if I toss out my plans and risk the unknown by allowing myself to love Tad? Enjoy the Entire Fools for Love Romantic Comedy Series by Rachael Eliker! Full of toe-curling passion, hilariously awkward mishaps, and satisfying happily-ever-afters, each book can be read as a standalone. ★ Book One: When a Star Falls ★ ★ Book Two: How a Star Shines ★ ★ Book Three: See a Star Rise ★ ★ Book Four: Shoot for the Stars ★ ★ Book Five: Written in the Stars ★ ★ Book Six: Falling for the Star ★ ★ Book Seven: Wish on a Star ★

Meet Rachael Eliker

USA Today Bestselling author of humor, romance, and happily ever afters. Sign up for Rachael’s newsletter to never miss a new release, giveaway, or promotion! RachaelEliker.com/newsletter Rachael Eliker lives in Indiana with her husband and children on their own slice of paradise. When she’s not writing, she’s probably running lonely stretches of country road, riding her old horse, or working on a home improvement project. She enjoys reading just about anything, having a good laugh, and making memories with friends and family most of all. Read more about her upcoming work at https://rachaeleliker.com.