Shh! We got a Ghost

Shh! It’s Halloween and this brother and sister duo needs your help! There’s a ghost that they just can’t seem to shake. Can you help them make this ghost disappear for good? Warning: Once you go inside a haunted house, you may not be able to control what happens next! Shh! We Got a Ghost is the fourth book in the Shh! We Got a… series! Looking for Halloween books for kids? You’ve landed on the right one. This fun Halloween kids book helps children build their critical thinking skills by putting themselves in the protagonist’s situation and allows parents to continue the conversation beyond the last page of the book. It’s no secret kids love Halloween. What happens on the most fun night of the year? Something spooky! But don’t worry, nothing too spooky. Shh! We Got a Ghost is the perfect Halloween delight to add to your kid’s book collection. Maybe you’re looking to give a gift? Nothing makes a kid light up like Halloween goodies, and books always make parents happy. It’s a win-win! This series reaches a wide range of children and is great for kids from 4-10…and even some grown-up kids at heart! If you haven’t already decided that a kid’s Halloween book is the way to go, what are you waiting for? Add to cart and start your ghost adventure now!

Meet Anjeanette Carter

I’m Anjeanette Carter and this is the blurb where you get to find out about me. I have been a lot of things, but these days, being a mom takes up most of my time (how come no one ever warned me about this?). I knew I had to channel my experiences into some funny books for kids… and their parents. Content creation in all forms has been my sandbox for decades. I was named by TIME magazine as one of Twitter’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds, I am a seasoned entrepreneur, and a whole bunch of other things that sound accomplished but I know you don’t really care about. You’re just trying to buy a book, right? Good news: You came to the right place. Now, go add to cart. I have dance lessons to pay for!