Intelligent Affirmations for the Keto Diet: Positive Powerful Words That Change Your Health and Life

If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts. Many keto dieters start strong but unintentionally set themselves up for failure by neglecting the secret to long-term success: a permanent change of mindset that makes following keto effortless. If you want to bulletproof your approach to keto, lose belly fat and achieve your weight loss goals, you’re in the right place! Over time your keto willpower can fade and cause you to neglect the healthy habits and steps needed to stay the course for long-term body transformation. You’ll revert to old habits and sabotage your success without realizing why! To combat this cycle, you must hack your habits and mindset regularly feeding yourself positive, inspiring words that transform your thinking, turning you into the kind of person who naturally does what’s needed to be successful at keto: • Manage your macros • Exercise regularly • Stay hydrated • Reduce stress • Prioritize your physical and mental health How do you transform your thinking? With the simple power of positive affirmations. Self-affirmation research going back as far as 1988 shows even tiny inputs into your self-system can have significant effects. Moreover, affirmations will: • Help you manage challenges and increase your confidence • Broaden your perspective • Improve your resilience after failure • Let you approach hurdles rather than avoid them • Create a positive feedback loop of self-confidence and performance Intelligent Affirmations for the Keto Diet leverages the science of self-affirmation to specifically target the results you want to crush the keto lifestyle: • Positive mornings • Epic workouts • Macro mastery • Strong self-discipline • Deep self-acceptance • Essential self-care • Effortless evenings • Extraordinary mindset • Life-changing knowledge When you read this book, you can: • Take the time, effort, and guesswork out of choosing affirmations • Concentrate your efforts on the areas you need help with right now • Supercharge your lifestyle with specific actions to support fat burning, weight loss, and overall health • Harness the power of affirmations, even if you’ve never used them before • Build a lasting habit almost automatically • Double the effectiveness of typical affirmations with no extra effort on your part In you’re ready to crush keto weight loss, lose belly fat and get your body back, you need this book.

Meet Christine Smith

Christine is an eternal optimist whose love affair with writing began with a cheeky submission to her junior high school newspaper. She is a lifelong learner and rabid researcher whose current interests include mindful productivity and intentional living. She has presented personal and professional development seminars at the local and national level. Christine was born and raised in the Midwest, where she enjoys being outside and going on adventures.