A rare few have dared look beyond the edge of sanity. Those who have wish they were never so bold for a universe of madness and terror stared back. 2032 The nations of Africa battle the decline of vegetation. The desert creeps closer, threatening the major cities. People flee across the seas in a mass exodus not seen since biblical times. Hunger and greed consume those who remain. Yet hope is not lost. Some who remain vow to do all they can to halt the wicked machinations of corrupt governments and too-big corporations. Thandiwe and her Bangaphandle use their hacking skills to turn those same corporations getting rich off the helpless to share their profits with her beloved Africa. Imbued by her initial success, Thandiwe becomes distracted by the enigmatic Ali. He holds a strange power within and confides in her a terrible secret that threatens all of humanity. Detective Dakarai spends his days combating the city’s meth problem. When he stumbles upon Thandiwe and Ali he quickly realizes a more sinister plot is at work, one with demonic implications. Dakarai knows what he must do, even if he is terrified to do it. A boy whose blood will save mankind from the clutches of annihilation A girl whose mind could hold any computer on earth to ransom A man with many faces and an immoral thirst for power and control Their destinies hold the fate of the world, but time is running out. To save the world, they must accept the impossible and rise above all that has come before.

Meet Dan Padbury

I am a debut author travelling the world as a modern-day Hemingway. My writing is informed by the people I meet and the experiences I have had. I have led a charmed life and in my 51 years, I have seen things many can only dream of. I had a successful career in banking and technology and am now in a new chapter. I have lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I have travelled to 80+ countries. Currently, I am in Peru having travelled overland from Mexico. Next stops are Bolivia and Argentina. I started writing in October 2021 and have persisted ever since with 2,000 words a day. I write sci-fi, eco-fiction, and the odd dystopian thriller . . . basically anything that comes to mind and excites me. My main hobbies are rugby and spontaneous travel. Lover of fine wines, sushi, Szechuan, and Asian food. Ambitious, generous, creative, impatient, impulsive, globetrotter. High-risk, unconventional, and passionate.