A Governess of Sorts: A Whitehall Romance ~ Book II (The Whitehall Romances 2)

SWEET REGENCY ROMANCE ~ Though the mysterious governess entrusts him with her secrets, his love for her is still forbidden. As the son of a respected horse-breeder, James Blythe never imagined himself mucking out stalls in the stables of Whitehall. However, the sting of his past fades whenever he’s in the presence of the newly arrived governess. Beatrice Linton’s beauty and unassuming manner captivate him, yet he knows that a woman of her status could never love a mere groom. Soon, with his wit and wisdom, James wins the governess’s confidence and she entrusts him with her many astonishing secrets. Exultant, he realizes he may have a chance with this fascinating woman after all. But before he can secure her affections, another, more eligible suitor makes his intentions known. Will James relinquish all hope of winning Beatrice’s hand, even though it is sure to break his heart? A Governess of Sorts is a sweet historical romance, the second novel in The Whitehall Romances, but it can be read as a standalone book.

Meet A.E. Walnofer

When A.E. Walnofer (otherwise known as Aimee) isn’t leading her patients through their physical therapy treatments, she’s likely planning her next hiking adventure, googling on her phone how to fix the computer keyboard since one of her cats walked across it (again), or tapping away furiously on said-keyboard, birthing another historical novel. From a very young age, Aimee was fascinated by history, particularly British history, and story-telling. In fact, her mother has a cassette tape recording of Aimee reciting a complete story she came up with at the age of three. (However, it hasn’t been heard in years as no one in her family has a cassette tape player.) Aimee lives with her husband, and their two cats in Southern California, but dreams of someday moving to the Pacific Northwest where the hillsides and mountains are green all year long.