Terrific Fact Book for Kids 8-12. Also great for teens and adults who love a good bit of trivia. Loaded with fun and amazing facts to help you win at trivia games, amuse and impress your friends, and challenge your family. Great information about darned near everything lies within these pages. ★ Over 50 Images. ★ More Facts ◆ More Fun ◆ More Knowledge Learn answers to questions like: Is there really such a thing as a snoticle? What is the loudest land animal on earth? What wild animal got drunk and picked a fight with a cow? Is ketchup a health food? Which snack food can be used to keep you warm? What chocolate is not really chocolate? What country invented French fries? (I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t France.) Why should you never order popcorn in South Africa? What food can make your skin change color? What was the first vegetable planted in space? What is Fairy Floss? What did Juliana, the dalmation do to earn the Blue Cross medal during World War II? What animal can run faster than a cheetah? Which animal can testify in court? Can a dog smell when you’re afraid? What is the only number that can’t be written in Roman numerals? How many gifts were given in the “Twelve Days of Christmas”? How is the speed of a computer mouse measured? What’s the most popular pet in the United States? Who was Mayor Stubbs and why did he purr? What do “mitten-pawed” cats have to do with great literature? How do elephants “shake hands”? What are sprites, blue jets, and elves? Recommended by Parents and Teachers

Meet Jonny Katz

Beginning at an early age, Jonny Katz received a book of trivia each year at Christmas. The book was always one of the prize gifts of the season. This started a love of interesting facts about history, science, music, popular culture, sports, and more. In these books of fun and fascinating facts for kids and adults, Jonny shares this obsession with all things interesting.