Finding Freedom: Learning to Share

Taylor Kinsey and his wife Emma were doing just fine when they first got married, but a few years and a child later, things are starting to go wrong. Emma has been promoted at work and seems to be busy or tired all the time, and Taylor is getting frustrated. He decides he cannot bear the neglect anymore. Their marriage has lost all intimacy and it seems divorce is inevitable. Then Taylor gets an idea, one that has the potential to revive their relationship and ignite the spark that has gone out. There’s a problem though: there is no way in hell Emma’s going to agree to his idea. Not unless he comes up with a clever plan. With the help of an old friend, Taylor sets out to save his marriage by any means necessary. Can he get his wife to what it takes, or is their marriage doomed to fail?

Meet Sapphire Haynes

Sapphire Haynes is an erotica author from England. She is an avid reader of all things erotic, making her the perfect subject matter expert. Sapphire combined her love of writing with her natural passion and now creates imaginative works of pure lust and desire that leaves her fans begging for more. A lover of all things erotic, Sapphire adds flair to every paragraph to give her readers the best possible experience. Between a full time job in the fashion industry and her family, Sapphire seldom finds time to relax. As busy as she is, she enjoys living in her creations. Sapphire loves spending time with her husband and their young twins, a healthy dose of chocolate and reality tv, and spending time in the gym. She tries to live holistically as possible with an emphasis on healthy choices- in the kitchen and the bedroom. She may be settled down but the wild side flares every time she gets behind the keyboard. Sapphire currently has two novels published and several more naughty adventures just waiting to be penned.