Invoke The Elements

The word “balance” can sometimes leave us rolling our eyes at the idea, even though we may not be that satisfied or really enjoying all we want in life. So what if there was a way to manifest your own version of an aligned life?

Balance isn’t some elusive ideal that only an enlightened few gets to find. By unearthing your unique blend of natural energies, you can get away from the feelings of overwhelm, stress, and stagnation and develop a personal version of balance that makes you feel whole in mind, body, and soul every day.

Just as nature moves in cycles and seasons, your energetic state of being depends on cycles as well. So when you learn to harness the earth, air, fire, and water energies within you, you’ll activate your highest potential for abundance, joy, and peace.

Author Kristen L. King brings her experience as a certified Energy Leadership Coach, Chakra Healing Practitioner, and intentional living guide to show you the incredible power that elemental awareness can bring.

This book guides you through each of the four elements to discover how they all play a role in supporting your best life.

Earth to ground and center you.
Air to give you wisdom and free your mind.
Fire to activate your motivation and drive.
And water to spark inspiration and bliss.

Bring these together in a way that highlights your authentic self, and you’ve got a roadmap for mindful self growth alongside conscious day-to-day living.

Use the in-depth discussions of each element and suggestions for how and when to integrate each season of life to feel more like your best self than ever before.

There are beautiful affirmations, correspondences, and even short visualizations included to keep you connected to each element as needed.

Plus, you’ll learn how to lean into your dominant energies and compliment those by bringing the right proportion of the other elements into your life.

Imagine getting so tapped into both your masculine and feminine sides that you know exactly what you need to do to feel calm, happy, and on track on any day.

You have the capability to be confident in who you are, clear in what you want, and empowered in how you’re creating your reality.

This is your chance to connect more deeply with your inner guidance and say “yes” to the higher self you truly are.

Invoke The Elements is the first book in The Elemental Energies Series and brings together the mindfulness, intuitive nature, and heart-centered purpose and passion you need to live at your highest vibration.

To activate the four energies within you, get your copy today and start intentionally creating a more balanced state of being.

Meet Kristen L. King

Kristen is an author, intentional living coach, and spiritual creative. She understands moving through life checking all the boxes and living for the next thing, yet still feeling misaligned and yearning for more. Once she gave herself the space to go within and connect with who she truly was, Kristen found the balance that already existed inside of her and the fulfillment that she could create for herself. Now Kristen supports other heart-centered souls in building their own conscious, aligned life one step at a time.