This book “Power of Grace” is a book with a unique appeal. Aloyce Mkude has revealed the great mystery of grace and its nature and shown the right foundation to begin with in realizing the essence of grace.Many writers have talked about grace in its broadest sense but this book goes deeper into giving the Christian a real sense and analyzing the very basic knowledge that at a young age a Christian will feel a great victory in understanding the meaning of grace. this will give every Christian a very high level of focus on the subject itself and will be the catalyst for passing that knowledge quite easily and without fear.

Meet Aloyce Nazael Mkude

Aloyce Mkude has been working in several Christian services and he is an evangelist with big heart. In open to Christ’s ministry, Aloyce has verified as faithful steward for the gospel of Christ. His first book was Power of Grace which was first released in 2014 and was published in Swahili language. Then by the year 2020 in English language. The book was loved by many Christians especially pastors. He has a biblical education at a spiritual level and has been fully committed to various matters concerning the church.