Success Primer and The 3 Keys to Success

| April 16, 2014


Success Primer and The 3 Keys to Success (The Success Manual Series)

This is book 1 of

The Success Manual Complete Library Collection

Book 1: Success Primer and the 3 Keys to Success

Book 2: The 9 Universal Laws of Success and Success in the 5th Dimension

Book 3: The 42 Secrets of Success

By Jan Carlo Beltran Seña

I designed the Success Manual Series to be a complete detailed reference and guide of all things related to Success— its philosophies and its attainment.

Throughout the series, you will find principles, ideas, philosophies, examples, thought experiments, step-by-step detailed techniques, esoteric knowledge, practical advice, inspirational stories and quotes, affirmations and motivational words that will help you create your ideal life of success.

Book 1 is divided into 2 main parts: Success Primer and the 3 Keys of Success.

The Success Primer serves as your initiation into the ideologies and philosophies of success. Here you will take a look at who you are and what success is. You will learn what your life is in relation to your success. The nature of reality will be unfolded for you – and how it affects the way you have lived your life in the past and how you can change your experience of the future.

Book 1 will introduce you to the concepts of the Ideal Self and your most Ideal Life. The lessons and thoughts that will be presented will guide you in the way you think about your life and your subsequent experience of success. It will develop in you the proper belief system to allow you to achieve the level of success you desire in all parts of your life. It will show you how to exercise your power over yourself and your universe to create your life. Book 1 will show you how to take full control of your mind, your inner world, to make positive changes and effects in the outer world, the world outside to realize your dreams of a successful life.

The philosophies, principles and techniques found in the Success Manual Book 1 are systematically presented in great detail and categorized logically. I have designed Book 1 to be a treasure trove for those who are serious about studying success and even more so for those who have decided to claim success as their own and live their lives to the fullest and not live the entirety of their lives in a state of perpetual cycle of lack and regret due to their own inability to recognize opportunity and their propensity for inaction.

If you read Book 1 of the Success Manual Series and take to heart the guiding ideologies and apply the detailed techniques, you will break away from the status quo of mediocrity and ineptitude and perpetually be in possession of a mindset focused on the realization of your success— Thus leading you to grow and develop into your most ideal self experiencing your most ideal life.

Book 1 will also introduce concepts relating to the Universal Laws of Success but they will be further explored in Book 2: The 9 Universal Laws of Success & Success in the 5th Dimension. Know however that in the entire series, Book 1 is the volume that contains the 3 Keys to Success and that if you desire to be successful, you need to be in possession of these 3 keys.

All successful people of the past have been in possession of these 3 Keys to Success whether unwittingly or consciously. For reasons that are obvious, compared to those who have not studied and applied the 3 keys to success, your success will be expedited and will be realized with much more intensity. If you consciously make use of the 3 Keys, you will be able take full control of everything you experience and achieve in your life as you shape your life according to your ideal success.

Remember, with the right key, you can unlock the right door.



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