Bleu: A Creation Myth In the Making

| April 16, 2014


Bleu: A Creation Myth In the Making (Mildred's Crossing)

A girl and a telepathic dog eavesdrop on the mind of a lame-legged boy being abducted into a white van. An alien exiled to Earth longs for the fragrant red meadows of his native world. A burly hermit shows up at city hall for a permit to protest the foreclosure of her farm.
These characters form a pentagram like the one dangling from the girl’s neck. Mildred Wakeman fingers her pendant’s topaz-studded lines.
“Pentagrams are scary,” thinks the dog.
Mildred disagrees. “A pentagram is a grounding figure.”
When Mildred’s mother schedules her exorcism, she runs away. A race ensues among dozens of psi-intelligence agencies bent on capturing her and exploiting her powers, but when she discovers that some of them are also after the boy, all Mildred wants is to protect him, and to help him piece together clues from his family’s past to discover who is behind his repeated abductions.
She can’t risk meeting him, though, or risk letting him know she is in his mind. She can’t even use telepathy to investigate on his behalf, or let anyone know of their connection. What’s worse, she is falling in love with him, but her destiny lies elsewhere, in an unexpected encounter with a single flower.
And Bleu? His role in the story depends on how distant generations remember the past, as do the fates of Mildred and every future human on Earth, for her story will be theirs, their origin, their creation, their legend of how they came to be. And how they tell that story may destabilize time itself and undo thirty millennia of peace; so fears the future apprentice archaeological bard Alessandra, from whose point of view we hear the tale.
BLEU: A CREATION MYTH IN THE MAKING is an affectionately satirical multi-genre mash-up that tumbles the smallness of evil, and the sorcery of storytelling, smoother than heartache in the dizzying ocean of love and time.

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