Personal Justice 1

| April 18, 2014


Personal Justice 1 (Personal Justice 8 book series) Gold Winner in Dan Poynter's Global eBook awards

Personal Justice 1 is a powerful story of loss, pain and redemption – prepare yourself! This is a story of suspense and intrigue that will take you, the reader, on an emotional roller coaster ride that will have you begging for more. Taking you to a place where pain and loss collide with desperation, to leave you breathlessly waiting for more. Brace yourself for a terrifying story that will grab you by your soul and drag you into the depths of the organization of Personal Justice.

Zachary Kavanaugh was a successful defense attorney who lived with his equally successful parents and sister, when tragedy struck. Tony’s parents and a family friend all struck by tragedy the same day. Nikita, a child that snapped the night horror came clawing at her door. Adrian, a prominent psychiatrist that lost his life’s work due to ignorance and greed. Tommy and Brad, young boys in the world of Fostering, a pain of suffering that will forever be their bridge to a new life.

This is a story that will make your heart race, your eyes moist and your sense of Justice very personal. After all, “The only real Justice . . . is Personal Justice!”


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